Hacienda Baru – National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge
Dominical, Costa Rica – 30 years of Experience in Ecotourism The Best Value for Ecotourism and Bird Watching

Hacienda Baru's 330 hectares (815 acres) have a fantastic variety of Habitats, from wetlands and secondary rainforests in the lowlands to primary rainforest on the highland coastal ridge. Eight kilometers of walking trails and three kilometers of pristine beach are here to be explored.

Our Mission is to protect the wildlife habitats of Hacienda Barú, while educating our visitors about its biological wealth. Learn more about the history of Hacienda Baru’s evolution from a working cattle ranch to a National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge.

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    by Jack Ewing The most noteworthy old tree that has passed on during my time at Hacienda Barú was an enormous old kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra), called the ceibo or ceiba tree in Spanish, that once dominated the skies near what is today El Ceibo Service Station. Its familiar form, tall straight trunk and umbrella […]Read More....
  • Free to Fend for Themselves.

    Free to Fend for Themselves.

    Jack Ewing. Anyone who has observed animals in a zoo and then seen the same animals in the wild will agree that there in no comparison between the two. In his renowned book The Human Zoo Desmond Morris remarked that if you observe baboon behavior in the zoo you would come to the conclusion that […]Read More....
  • The Ocelot Factory

    The Ocelot Factory

    by Jack Ewing On September 14, 2016, someone sent me a photo of an ocelot killed on the coastal highway in front of the Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge. From the spot pattern on its neck and shoulders I was able to identify it as a young male, about two years old, who I had […]Read More....
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