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Birdwatching Costa Rica & Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Hacienda Baru

National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge

Dominical, Costa Rica
25 years of Experience in Ecotourism

The Best Value for Ecotourism and Bird Watching in Costa Rica, Hacienda Barú!

Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge is situated on Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Coast. This is a region of distinct natural beauty where forest covered mountains rise up from the dramatic Pacific coastline.

Hacienda Barú’s 330 hectares (815 acres) have a fantastic variety of Habitats, from wetlands and secondary rainforests in the lowlands to primary rainforest on the highland coastal ridge. Seven kilometers of walking trails and three kilometers of pristine beach are here to be explored as well as our orchid garden and butterfly garden.

Bird Watching, Canopy Exploration and Ecological Tours are our specialty. Our bilingual grass roots naturalist guides will help you discover the wonders of the tropical rainforest, such as leaf cutter ants, the sleepy sloths and the nesting site of the Common Pootoo.  On our tours you can experience everything from the Rainforest Canopy to Mangrove Swamps or the Jungle at Night.

Our Mission is to protect the wildlife habitats of Hacienda Barú, while educating our visitors about its biological wealth. Learn more about the history of Hacienda Baru’s evolution from a working cattle ranch to a National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge.

Poor Man's Viagra - Part II

When Steve and Peggy Sue returned to their cabin at Hacienda Barú Lodge, they stopped by the reception office and told me about their extraordinary experience. I called Felix, the head park ranger, and told him about the strange incident. He told me that in all the years he had worked with marine turtles he had never seen or heard of a female laying her eggs during daylight hours.

With bare hands, Felix dug into the sand until the eggs came into view. He measured the distance from the surface at 17 cm (6.5 inches) and carefully recorded it in a small notebook. Next he donned a pair of latex gloves, retrieved the eggs one by one, counted and carefully placed them in a clean plastic bag. There were only 36 eggs in the nest, the smallest so far this year.

This was probably the first laying of this particular female. That could explain her strange behavior, coming out of the sea in the afternoon, he surmised. Felix measured the depth and diameter of the nest. The chamber was considerably smaller than normal, the average being 22 cm (8.5 inches) to the first eggs, 38 cm (14.6 inches) in total depth, and 30 cm (11.5 inches) in diameter. After making the notations in his little book, Felix walked back to the ranger station where Hacienda Barú has kept a turtle hatchery since 1984.

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Green Ibis

Green Ibis

First sighting ever of a Green Ibis (Misembrinibis cayennensis) on Hacienda Baru.

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