Hacienda Baru – National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge
Dominical, Costa Rica – 25 years of Experience in Ecotourism The Best Value for Ecotourism and Bird Watching

Hacienda Baru's 330 hectares (815 acres) have a fantastic variety of Habitats, from wetlands and secondary rainforests in the lowlands to primary rainforest on the highland coastal ridge. Seven kilometers of walking trails and three kilometers of pristine beach are here to be explored as well as our orchid garden and butterfly garden.

Our Mission is to protect the wildlife habitats of Hacienda Barú, while educating our visitors about its biological wealth. Learn more about the history of Hacienda Baru’s evolution from a working cattle ranch to a National Wildlife Refuge & Lodge.

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  • The Bat Guys

    The Bat Guys

    WHAT ON EARTH IS A CHIROPTEROLOGIST – by Jack Ewing “Would this be a good place to put the net?” I asked Otto. “You said you wanted an open path through the jungle.” I stepped into the shallow water of the narrow stream. “I can take one end of the net to the other side […]Read More....
  • The Return of the Scarlet Macaws

    The Return of the Scarlet Macaws

    – by Jack Ewing “There used to be so many of them that the branches of the trees would sag with their weight,” commented one old timer. “Some people shot them right out of the trees where they roosted.” “Why did people shoot them.” I asked. “Some people did it for the feathers, but mostly […]Read More....
  • Giving the Sea Turtles a Chance

    Giving the Sea Turtles a Chance

     – by Jack Ewing The female sea turtle emerged from the sea and awkwardly pulled herself up the beach with flippers that looked better suited for maneuvering around in the sea than dragging a hundred pounds of dead weight across the sand. When she reached a point where thousands of years of accumulated instinct told her […]Read More....
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