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– By Jack Ewing 1993, the year I turned 50, I started climbing trees at Hacienda Baru. It was the beginning of a fascinating new ecological adventure. Little was known about the biology of the rainforest canopy, and a whole new field of discovery was opening up. We started offering tree climbing as an ecological […]
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Rainforest tour The Monkey Challenge
Biologists have long been interested in the rainforest canopy. In his excellent book Life Above the Forest Floor, Donald Perry Ph D. Tells how he became entranced with the rainforest canopy when he was a university student studying biology. There was virtually nothing known about the canopy at that time, and he decided to dedica
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Eco Tram
“…and our dog Maggie has been bitten on the muzzle by a rattlesnake,” read the afterthought at the end of the email from my brother Rex. Knowing that the only poisonous snakes in that part of Colorado are prairie rattlers, I figured that Maggie would survive. These small pit vipers are not nearly as dangerous […
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In the rainforest death is simply another step in the endless cycle of life. Sooner or later every living thing dies and becomes food for some other living thing. In fact individual deaths often tend to make the species healthier. This brings to mind the following story as it was printed in Monkeys Are Made […]
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En la selva, la muerte es simplemente un paso más en el interminable ciclo de vida. Tarde o temprano, todo ser vivo muere y se convierte en alimento para otro ser viviente. De hecho las muertes individuales a menudo tienden a fortelecer las especies. Esto me trae a la mente la siguiente historia, ya que […]
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