Van or Fly

Private Van From San Jose

If you don’t want to take the public bus to Hacienda Barú, you may also consider hiring a private van to bring you. From the Airport or San José the going rate for a van with four persons or less is approximately $175.00. A taxi bringing two or three persons will charge approximately $165.00. If you would like this service, we are happy to make the arrangements for you.

Fly to Hacienda Barú

There are two airstrips within a short drive from Hacienda Barú. The Quepos airstrip is only 30 minutes away and the Palmar Sur airstrip is about 90 minutes from Hacienda Barú.

Domestic Airlines

You can reserve your ticket to either of these small airports with one of the two local Costa Rican airlines.


Nature Air.

Once you have booked your ticket, we are happy to have someone meet your flight. The cost for four people or less from the Quepos air field is approximately $60.00. From Palmar Sur the cost is $110.00 (prices are subject to change without notice). Please let us know if you would like to be picked up.

Charter Flights

Charter flights are available in both single and twin engine planes. The price per person will vary depending on the number of people planning to fly. If you are interested in booking a charter flight to either Quepos or Palmar Sur please contact us and we can help you make arrangements.

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