Tree Climbing

NIJ 13_miniClimbing to the top of an enormous rainforest tree to a height equal to that of a 10 story building is an unforgettable experience. Though there is definitely an element of challenge and adventure involved with the Tree Climb, it will also leave you with the feeling that you have been privileged to experience a magical world that you never knew existed.

The tour begins with a 40-minute hike through secondary forest, overgrown cacao plantations, and primary forest into the upper part of the Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge. There you will find a giant rainforest tree just waiting for you to discover the secrets of its upper levels.

NIJ 12_miniTwo people at a time, accompanied by an expert guide, ascend  through the lower and middle layers of canopy into the very top of the tree which forms part of what we call the upper canopy. Using devices called ascenders you will scale a special rope which is solidly fixed in the upper branches of the tree. This tour is strenuous, but does not require a lot of strength. Your legs do most of the work.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Times: Monday through Saturday at 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm
Price: $45 per person

Requires Prior Reservation :Limit: No more than 2 guests can climb at the same time.
Age Range: People in good physical condition from 8 years to 70 years of age.

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