Rainforest Tours
Hacienda Baru Rainforest Experience
Hacienda Baru Eco tourism and lodge exists because of our love of, and fascination with, the rainforest. Besides being a proven antidote for the frenetic pace of the progressive world in which we live, getting in touch with the rainforest is an opportunity to peek back into our own origins. Time spent in the rainforest certainly offers a re-connect with the wondrous riot of life that our planet is known for.

We present our Rain forest Tours as a menu of offerings. We’ll start with the perennial favorite, the Self-guided tours. This provides the opportunity for a visit at your own pace. Take a saunter through the sights and sounds of Costa Rica’s gorgeous rain forest. Click on through to the Self-Guided page for a more detailed description of what is available.

Our curiosity gets piqued by the unusual observations we encounter in the rainforest. Time spent with a knowledgeable guide gives us direct access to answers.

It is not hard to fill your days at Hacienda Baru. Each of the following rain forest tours provides a unique perspective into a particular aspect of the rain forest experience. You can use the following to plan your itinerary and get the most out of your stay.

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