Hacienda Baru History

The Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge is a private nature reserve with 830 acres of protected area including primary, secondary and selectively logged tropical wet forest, swamp forest, mangrove estuary, secondary growth, brush land, river bank and seashore. In addition there are areas of silviculture (tree farming) with many different species of commercially viable timber, fruit orchards and pasture. This wide spectrum of habitats supports an equally large variety of wildlife. The reserve receives income with which to maintain and protect its natural treasure from only two sources, ecotourism and silviculture.

Hacienda Barú is located in the southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica bordering the mouth of the Barú river at the point where it empties into the ocean. It has 2780 meters of beach frontage and 1 kilometer of river bank. The small town of Dominical, a tourist center, is located just across the river from the refuge.

Hacienda Barú’s primary mission is to preserve its natural resources and educate visitors about its biological wealth. To support this goal, Hacienda Barú provides ecologically-oriented tours, adventures and tourist services. In carrying out this mission, Hacienda Barú will support scientific research and promote responsible community development.

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