Species Lists

Ant soloSo here we are – a site all about eco-tourism and rainforest activities and lo! a list of species!?!? But of course! Eco-tourism by its very nature leans heavily on the presence of the wild creatures and plants (read: flora & fauna) of the jungle and that pass through the area in their migration patterns. This is the stuff that truly enriches our appreciation of time spent in the splendor of nature – well… for some. Others content themselves with the simple knowledge that nature is there in all its complexity and strange beauty, and thats good enough.

For those of you that like to dig in just a bit deeper to the detail of it all, here you go. By the way, interesting fact about Costa Rica bird species: there are more bird species in Costa Rica than in the United States and Canada, combined! Not bad for a country the size of West Virginia, verdad?

Lists of the species that are found in Hacienda Baru:

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