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Victor Driver Mora

Victor Driver Mora, born in 1981, has lived his entire life in the village of Barú, about seven kilometers from Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge. From a young age Victor's grandfather and his mother taught him to appreciate nature, especially the birds. One of his earliest memories is that of his mother showing him pictures of birds in a book she kept in their house.

One day when he was about 10 years old Victor went hunting with his step father. Rather than enjoying the expedition, Victor was repulsed. He felt sorry for the animals that were killed, especially a monkey his step father had shot. He made the decision to never hunt again.

Victor graduated from grade school in Barú, but didn't go on to high school. Instead he began working with a construction crew. One of their first jobs was the construction of a house for a North American couple. When asked why he wasn't in school, Victor explained that his family was poor and couldn't afford to send him to the high school in Matapalo. The couple took an interest in Victor and agreed to cover the expenses of his secondary education on the condition that he keep his grades up. Not only did he get good grades at Matapalo, but Victor was one of the few students in his graduating class who had learned to converse comfortably in English.

Victor's mother encouraged him to apply for a job as a guide at Hacienda Barú. Eventually he took her advice and was accepted almost immediately as an apprentice guide. With his eagerness to learn and passion for the rainforest Victor soon became a full fledged naturalist guide at Hacienda Barú. Though all aspects of nature fascinate him, bird watching is of special interest to him.

Green Ibis

Green Ibis

First sighting ever of a Green Ibis (Misembrinibis cayennensis) on Hacienda Baru.

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