The Chocolate Monkey Restaurant

Located near an old cacao plantation where the fruit is no longer harvested, the white-faced capuchin monkeys often come to open the pods and eat the chocolate bearing seeds within.

Enjoy tropical nature while savoring delicious Costa Rican cusine in our open air dining room or one of the garden kiosks. Guests often tell us that they love bird watching while eating. A wide variety of tasty dishes are available: fish fillets, nachos, salads, grilled chicken breast, rice and beans, sandwiches, and much more. A number of different vegetarian and gluten free choices are also included on the menu. Let us know about any special dietary needs and we will do our best to fulfill them.

Natural fruit drinks are popular among our guests. Soft drinks, beer, and coctails are also available, as are coffee tea and milk.

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Chocolate Monkey Gift Shop

Hacienda Barú’s gift shop is small yet well stocked with a variety of high quality, locally made arts and crafts, as well as t-shirts, books, hammocks, post cards, postage stamps, and more.

Our favorite suppliers are local artesans like doña Lucrecia who lifted her family from poverty when she discovered that she had a talent for painting beautiful scenes on platters made from plantation wood that doesn’t come from natural forests. Now her whole family is involved in the production of these hand made crafts. Also there is don Carlos who comes from three generations of fine wood workers. Or Manuel whose family makes wonderful hammocks of all kinds.

Costa Rica is renowned for its savory coffee, and everyone who visits takes some home. You will have many different kinds to choose from in the Chocolate Monkey gift shop. Locally grown organic black pepper is also available. Warning: once you taste either of these two items, you will never be happy with anything else.

Everybody loves books. Our offering includes a number of different field guides to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica, children’s books, Costa Rica cusine books, photographic works of art, and of course our own bestseller Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate.